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Why it’s time we opened the box to a brighter British future and left the EU to mourn its loss.

I CAN’T believe what I’ve been hearing the last few days re. the supposed ‘deal’ Theresa May and her so-called Brexit team have negotiated with the EU.

To say I’m shocked would be a giant understatement. But I’m also seething and feel like we’ve been completely shafted by Mrs. May, as a nation.

All she’s done since the details of her ‘deal’ were released is repeat over and over again the same terms. Which she insists she’ll push through, as that’s what she’s promised us.

Yet all I keep hearing is a list of broken promises.

What planet is this woman living on? She clearly has her head in the clouds, and seems to be on the verge of keeping us in the EU. But minus any influential representation in the European Parliament.

And we hear it’s going to cost us £39 billion pounds for the privilege. Yes, we’ll literally be throwing £39 billion pounds down the drain.

I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Because let’s consider what this bamboozling amount of money could potentially do for the people of the United Kingdom:

  1. Shelter the homeless and eradicate rough sleeping on our streets.
  2. Upgrade our education system—both schools and universities—to get us back where we used to be, sitting at the top table with the best in the world.
  3. Fund our NHS to treat every citizen with the proper care and respect they deserve. Plus, end the winter bed crisis which has become an annual embarrassment.
  4. Fund a proper care system for the elderly and build new care homes so they can spend their twilight years in comfortable surroundings, being looked after by properly-trained staff who really CARE.
  5. Fund Social Services to properly support their committed staff. Giving them the tools to make a difference. And removing the neverending restrictions which prevent them from making the right decisions to help those in society desperate for support. Especially innocent children.
  6. Give proper financial support to our ex-servicemen, the disabled and those suffering with mental health issues. Because our lack of attention and focus on them is a national disgrace. They deserve to be looked after, treated with respect and given the best possible care available. In fact, we owe it to them to make that happen.
  7. Give back authority to the police, teachers and our emergency services who are battling against the odds. Give them the financial support and the resources they need to do the job required of them in today’s society.

In the referendum of 2016, 52% of British people voted to LEAVE the EU. Which begs the question, which part of the word ‘leave’ does Mrs. May not understand?

Do we really believe the threats of financial disaster, losing thousands of jobs, planes failing to take off and land, drastic food and medical shortages, and house prices plummeting?  In a word: “No.”

Because we know how Britain was and how it existed before we joined the EEC in the 1970s. Which was? The answer is simplicity itself.

Great Britain was Great! We had huge industries in fishing, boat building, car manufacturing, engineering, science and research. We were also innovative, creative, forward-thinking and always moved with the times.


Why then, have we gone into reverse since becoming part of the EU? Heading straight into a black hole—which has led to us losing our standing on the world stage. And allowing ourselves to be run by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats, clearly only interested in feathering their own nests.

Where did we go so wrong?

The reality is we’re not afraid of them. They, however, are afraid of us leaving. Because realistically, without our financial input, the EU will cease to be.

Finally—and it’s something I feel really passionate about—let’s not forget it was only just over three weeks ago that we were remembering the millions of men and women who fought and died in the first and second world wars.

Don’t we owe it to them to stand on our own two feet and not allow ourselves to be ruled and bullied by some of those nations they fought so bravely to defeat?

Food for thought.

’Til next time,

Granny FlapjaX

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