New Decade – New Attitudes

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Well, here we are at the start of a new year, 2020, and the beginning of a new decade.

But around the world, can we look back over the past 10 years and feel proud of what human habitation of planet Earth has achieved?

I don’t think so!

With the worlds population now rapidly heading towards 8 billion, there seems little hope of preserving this amazing planet for which each one of us is merely a temporary custodian.

However, it appears that not everyone sees it that way, and refuses to accept that whether it’s destroying the rainforests, filling our oceans with rubbish, continuing to pollute the atmosphere, melting the polar ice cap and raising sea levels, it is not their problem.

Greed, money, the refusal to appreciate that life on earth is precious, and continuing to destroy the eco system, means we are simply heading towards the end of civilisation.

“Not in my lifetime” is a phrase I hear regularly, but what does that mean?

You have children and grandchildren right? So what are you leaving behind for them? The issues inflicted upon this world by its current inhabitants are vast, but I don’t need to list them here; we simply have to stop burying our heads in the sand and look around at what is happening on a daily basis.

The planet, the land upon which we place our feet every day, is being ‘raped’ for its many rich resources, which until recent years, have been more than adequate to sustain the worlds population.

But now the numbers are growing out of control and the sums don’t add up. So we have to look around, each and every one of us, and decide if we want to contribute to the continuing destruction of our world, or stop in our tracks and look to the future.

Working together we can create a non-materialistic environment in which we can all thrive, with less yes, but with a comfortable quality of life for ourselves and our families, a sustainable eco system and ultimately the survival of mankind.

So what have I learned personally over this past decade?

I have realised that having love in your life is probably at the top of the list. Whether it comes from your partner, your siblings, your children or grandchildren, or indeed all of those, whoever we are, we need the warmth and security of knowing we are loved.

‘Living the life you love’, and ‘loving the life you live’ is a good mantra to take with you through each day. If it doesn’t work, maybe there is cause to have a rethink.

I have learned how precious and miraculous life is, having nearly lost a sibling following major surgery this year. But then watching her make the most amazing recovery and re-establishing the relationship between us which had become blurred over the years, due to her poor health.

I have learned that life is far from perfect for so many, but particularly for those suffering with mental health issues. Any one of us could fall victim at any time, and yet that vulnerability is not recognised for the serious impact it can have on an individual and indeed their family. As many of you will have experienced, the consequences can be catastrophic, and yet can it be right that people affected should be expected to apologise for finding themselves in such a situation? It isn’t expected if we break a limb or receive a  life-threatening diagnosis.

We still have much to learn about mental health, and so we shouldn’t shy away from it. And to all those who find themselves struggling, be it you or your family, please believe that you do matter, and there is help out there. It doesn’t always have to come from medicine, sometimes it just needs the people around you to show they understand, and that they care and will always be there to support you, no matter what.

On a more practical front, I have also learned that humans can be devious, selfish, aggressive and quite frankly, vile. Yes, I’m talking specifically about politicians, who over the past year particularly, have shown what they are really about. I don’t ever recall such vitriol as we have seen in 2019; it really has been shocking. Let’s hope that in 2020, there will be a fresh approach to our political system in favour of the population of the UK and not purely for the benefit of the politicians.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the Christmas festivities, whether it has been with your family and friends or volunteering to bring happiness to the elderly, lonely and homeless; something I will be looking to do in the future.

Next year, I am privileged to be going, with my husband and a small group of friends, on a Safari in South Africa to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and a friends’ 70th birthday.

First and foremost I am not just going to ‘see’ the animals, but also to learn first hand, as much as I can about how their lives are being affected by poaching, climate change and loss of habitat. I will be putting regular updates on my blog with hopefully some amazing pictures, so please check it out. It will be during the last two weeks of February.

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year, 2020, and hope that we can all make a real effort to be more kind and caring to each other, and also to our beautiful planet ‘Earth’.

‘Til next time,

Granny FlapjaX

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