Hitting cape Town!


Well after a torturous eleven and a half hour flight , thanks to our flagship airline British Airways, we touched down in Capetown, fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.

A taxi had been organised to meet us with our name on a large sign, but as we came through customs a man came up and asked for us by name, so of course we assumed that he was our man.

Luckily however, as we walked towards the exit, I spotted a man holding up a sign with our name on it, and at that point we realised that the other man was trying to hijack us!

Of course they are all just trying to make a living, but the journey into Camps Bay where we are staying could have ended up costing us a fortune, so we had a lucky escape.

We are staying in a lovely house within a two minute walk of the beach, but each day the electricity is cut off at least once, for two and a half hours. Saturday it was twice, 6.00am to 8.30 am and 10.00 pm to 12.30 pm. The down side of that is that when it goes off the house alarm goes onto a battery backup system and then ‘pips’ every few seconds; it’s like a dripping tap!

On a brighter note, yesterday, in our own private bus, we went on a tour of one of the wine regions which included a local market. The weather was hot but perfect, the scenery stunning and the market, fabulous! We really had a great day out.

We had planned to go up Table Mountain today, and got up early to beat the crowds, but unfortunately the weather has let us down; it’s very overcast and raining and the mountain is covered in cloud!

On a positive note this unfortunate lapse in the weather has allowed me to start my blog, so ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Sorry about the pun!

Tomorrow we are off to see Penguins on  Boulder beach and then taking a drive along the coast road with some spectacular views, again in a private bus. It’s much cheaper than hiring cars or travelling in seperate taxis.

Before I go, a mention for our ‘house mates’, all of  whom we get along with, which is great. So much interesting chat going on.

And an apology for no photos this time; we are having problems transferring them right now, but hope to have it sorted for the next update.

More soon!

Take care,

Granny FlapjaX



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