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I RECENTLY watched the film I Daniel Blake.

What a terrible testament to how we’re treating our indigenous population today. People who’ve worked hard to make a life for themselves and their families and who suddenly, through no fault of their own, find themselves with nowhere to turn for support but the state.

I felt physically sick and angry seeing how Blake and others were treated when trying to establish what benefits they could claim and how difficult it was to make a claim–because you have to apply online.

What’s that all about? Does the UK government not realise there are still many people who either don’t have access to a computer, know how to use one, or can actually fight there way through the jungle of ‘gobbledegook’ that’ll supposedly help them claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Surely, instead of the government trying to make it as difficult as possible to claim benefits when needed, they should sort out a system which can be accessed with the help of appropriately trained people, to ensure they claim the right benefits for their situation. Leaving it up to the individual to work it out can be neither fair nor cost-effective. 

Clearly the government doesn’t want to pay out more tax-payers money than is necessary, but are they really making an attempt to stop that?

In my humble opinion, no. The exorbitant costs of introducing Universal Credit to replace the current benefits system are a shocking waste. And now the rollout has been postponed, save for a nominal 10,000 people who will be moved onto it as a trial. Yet hasn’t it been trialled for the past two years or so, with no resolution? And in the process caused total devastation to many who’ve had their benefits reduced dramatically, or not received payments at all – subsequently ending up in arrears with rent, along with accruing other debts.

The ever-increasing number of people being forced to turn to food banks to put food on the table for themselves and their families is another shocking statistic which can be laid at the feet of the UK government.

Have they really no concept of what it’s like for the homeless and for people living on low incomes or benefits, and how hard it is to get through each day?

Clearly not. And it seems a ‘head in the sand’ attitude is the path they’re choosing to take. Because they’re okay–and if it’s not on your doorstep you don’t have to deal with it.

Now we hear much talk about feelings of ‘hatred’ being banded about. Is it any wonder?

How long should we suppose it’ll be before there’s an uprising from those in society who feel suppressed. Those who simply want a comfortable home, food on the table and to be able to pay their bills. Surely we can all expect at least that in the 21st Century?

However, capitalism, greed and the lack of a real leader for decades now, has left us where we find ourselves today. A severely divided society, with a huge gap between the disgustingly rich and the desperately poor. And no-one with either  the guts or the inclination to take a stand and bring some equilibrium to the situation.

Of course there’s anger and hatred, because we’re supposed to be a democracy. Yet, in reality we’re not.

We’ve always been proud of our freedom of speech; but that’s now been eroded to a level where no-one feels able to speak out.

As a country we’ve allowed ourselves to be carrelled into trying to please everyone–and, in doing so, we’ve lost authority in all areas of everyday life.

Nearing the end of the first month of 2019, we must start to look at the possibilities of turning the situation around; give authority back to those on whom we depend to keep our country safe and in order.

With our politicians at war with themselves, unable to carry out the result of a democratic vote in the 2016 referendum, and murders happening almost daily on the streets of London and elsewhere, we are seeing a society that is in danger of becoming  feral.

And, with the world spinning out of control, we have to take responsibility for the ultimate survival of Great Britain, turn all the anger and aggression into a united force for good; free ourselves from the chains which have linked us to the EU for the past 40 years, and break out into the wider world with renewed vigour and determination to become a great nation once more.

As I’m always telling my grandchildren, “Believe in yourself, you can do it”.

And Great Britain can too, believe it!

‘Rule Britannia!’

’Til next time,

Granny FlapjaX

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